My 2 year old son loves to sing the songs that he learns from his Mommy, Daddy and Me class throughout the week. He proudly shows off whatever craft he’s made that week to his Oma and Opa on skype. GLSW is not only an excellent school but also a great community where we feel welcome and at home. 

Kirsten F.

We have been with GLSW for almost 8 years and not enough words can describe the amazing talents of the teachers, dedication and devotion. Fantastic school for toddlers all the way to High School plus Adults who would like to learn German or refresh their language skills. My son is learning a lot, enjoys school very much and made wonderful friends. GLSW has a very welcoming atmosphere, there is a place for everyone who’s interested in learning German. The school feels like a second family. We celebrate German holidays, make new friends, sing German songs and learn in a fun environment. We definitely recommend GLSW.  

Peter K.

Being German, it is very important to me that my daughters not only grow up bi-lingual but also learn about German culture and heritage - GLSW does an outstanding job in providing both. From the full immersion class concept to the many events celebrating German tradition and customs, GLSW's commitment to its students is simply second to none, not to mention the incredible dedication of the teachers to making it a fun experience!

We've been fortunate to have been with GLSW for four years now, starting with the Daddy/Mommy and Me classes, and are looking forward to many more years to come! Thank you GLSW!

Axel W.

GLSW is an amazing community of children, parents, adults, students and teachers that share the passion not only for learning the German language but also create a community to experience and maintain the German culture

Marco Z.

We have been enjoying our Saturday trips to the “German Island” of Bergen Co., in Westwood and Hillsdale, ever since joining the school years back when our son was still in the “Mommy & Me” stage.  Our son, who by now is a Kindergardener, looking to graduate into First Grade this fall, thrives and enjoys the activities and class, and certainly benefits from it tremendously, being raised bilingually by German parents in the US. Being thrown into the claw of virtual schooling for all of the current school year, the school is doing as good as it possible can, given today’s circumstances. This place is great for students of all ages, both for Americans with interest in the German language, as well as for German families living in the area.

We miss our German Island in North Jersey on Saturdays, and hope that we will be back on site in fall!

Anita R.

GLSW has exceeded my expectations from the beginning.  The teachers are extremely dedicated and do a terrific job of integrating young students into classes irrespective of their prior German language exposure.  The school also goes an extra step further by hosting unique holiday celebrations to help expose students to some great German traditions.  My children have significantly improved their German comprehension at GLSW and I look forward to seeing them continue to grow their German language skills!

Ronel B.