Summer Camp

Welcome to our GLSW Summer camp! Students are invited to learn and immerse themselves in the German language in a fun and seasonal way! Our experienced German-language instructors will teach at your child’s German language ability level and provide opportunities for students to strengthen their language fundamentals of grammar, phonetics and vocabulary in lively and interactive ways.

During our typical in-person summer camps, your child can thrive in their German-language learning and become a “Sommer Detektiv” through hands-on activities, play, songs, and arts & crafts. Students can explore and learn about nature & electricity in smaller group gatherings in the mornings as well as participate in large group get-togethers in the afternoons. Teachers will use fun quizzes and challenges to assess students’ language skill progress throughout the week.


Summer Camp Highlights often include:

  • Topics on: animals, space, food, electricity, etc.
  • Small group classes
  • Afternoon get-togethers with the larger group
  • Fun weekly challenges and quizzes
  • “Campfire” singalongs in German